wind rain detector WRD

Wind-rain-detector WRD
    Part numberA3 4581
Wind / Rain detector, type WRD Wind / Rain detector with built-in evaluation electronics... more
Product information "wind rain detector WRD"

Wind / Rain detector, type WRD

Wind / Rain detector with built-in evaluation electronics and built-in time delay, for connection to SHEV and ventilation control systems, with heated sensor surface from galvanic gold to prevent false triggering in case of dew, snow or ice, rated voltage 24 V DC / AC, current consumption in standby mode 70 mA (when triggered 110 mA), protection class IP 65, operating temperature - 20° C to +85° C, load capacity of the signal contact 30 V / 1 A, with potential-free change-over contact for an on-site evaluation, housing ABS, light-grey, incl. mounting bracket in aluminum, as well as a pole clamp, galvanized, for 2" pipe.

SIMON PROtec Systems GmbH
Type: Rain detector, type WRD
Article number: A3 4581

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Matchcode WRD Article name Wind- / Regenmelder WRD Part number A3 4581 IP code... more
Article nameWind- / Regenmelder WRD
Part numberA3 4581
IP codeIP65
HousingKunststoff ABS
Housing typePlastic
Housing length190
Housing width100
Housing height150
Environment temperature range-20 °C - 85 °C
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Certificate WRD / RD Declaration of conformity for the wind and rain detector WRD and RD
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