Louvre window Hahn-S9-iVt

    Part numberM2 1020
HAHN Louvre Window - Type S9-iVt 05 System construction and characteristics: - Certified... more
Product information "Louvre window Hahn-S9-iVt"

HAHN Louvre Window - Type S9-iVt 05

System construction and characteristics:
- Certified according DIN EN 12101-2 for smoke and heat-ventilation
- TÜV certified compliance test according EC machinery directive 2006/42/EG
- Made from thermal broken aluminium profiles
- Framed controllable double glazed louvres
- Optionally: Ball impact safety / burglar proofness WK2/ fall protection acc. to TRAV (technical regulations for fall protection glazing in buildings) – building rules list A Part 3 no. 2.12
- Frame depth 47 mm, Frame facing 18 mm top and bottom, 50 mm side,
- Total thickness vent sash: 35 mm

- Window frame suitable for screw fixing into brickwork, timber- and steel constructions
- Glazing flange for facade systems, details depending on building situation

- Double- or triple glazing (Glass thickness 28/32 mm, standard glazing 6/16/6 or 6/20/6)
- Glass types: Heat insulation glass, Solar glass, Special glass like safety glass etc. depending on purpose of windows.
- Insulated panels in lieu of glass alternatively.

Control types:
- Manually by Hand lever (with linkage where necessary), crank gear controls,
- electrically by different 24V/230V actuators, pneumatic control

Material and surface:
- Surface either anodised 20 micron silver (special colours on request) or with ppc finish in RAL, DB or special colours (dual colour coat is also available), on request

Matching actuator:
Linear actuator EA-L-100/165-HAHN

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MatchcodeLamellenfenster Hahn S9-iVt
Article nameLamellenfenster Hahn S9-iVt
Part numberM2 1020
Product Information... more

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Product information EA-LS-1000-48-02 Product information for the slit actuator EA-LS-1000-48-02 for the louvre element TG-24


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