Sensor interface SI-100-MASTER

    Part numberST4 3386
    Input voltage24 V DC
    Output voltage24 V DC
    SHE Groups1
Sensor interface SI-100-MASTER ( connection for fire brigade control buttons ) The SI-100... more
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Sensor interface SI-100-MASTER (connection for fire brigade control buttons)

The SI-100 MASTER has the highest priority of all assigned SHEV groups. The attached fire service control button (FBT) can open and close windows and flaps despite pressing alarms. Thus, the controller is responsible in case of fire after the arrival of the fire brigade its mission leader.Responsible for the management of a SHEV group. Provides standby current monitored detection lines for manual release pushbuttons (SHEV pushbuttons - max. 8 pieces), smoke detectors/thermo detectors and fire alarm system. Reset button and fault indicators. Individually parameterizable, group assignment and diagnostics via SimonLink software (e.g. FACP auto-reset and priority switching of the detection lines).

SIMON PROtec Systems GmbH
Type: Sensorinterface SI-100-Master
Artikelnummer: ST4 3386

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Matchcode SI-100-MASTER Article name Sensorinterface SI-100-MASTER Part number ST4... more
Article nameSensorinterface SI-100-MASTER
Part numberST4 3386
Input voltage24 V DC
Output voltage24 V DC
SHE Groups1
Housing typePlastic
Appliance classI
Nominal working temperature20
Environment temperature range-5 °C - 40 °C
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