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Accessories RM/SCHUTZ Accessories RM/SCHUTZ
Protective basket, type RM-PROTECTION, for smoke detectors RM-521 and RM-3000
Accessories PG Accessories PG
Test gas cylinder, type PG, for smoke detectors RM-130, RM-521
Test gas for type RM 2860 Test gas for type RM 2860
Test gas bottle, type PG-RM-2860, for smoke detector RM-2860, 70g bottle for approx. 200 detectors
Accessories PG/RM 3000 Accessories PG/RM 3000
Test gas bottle, type PG-RM-3000, for smoke detector RM-3000, capacity 250 ml
Accessories RMS-3000 Accessories RMS-3000
Relay detector base, type RMS-3000, for smoke detector RM-3000