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SICO LINK on Microsoft Windows at Klapparm² PA-KL² Software parameterization
Software parameterization All actuators and control panels with SICO LINK or SIMON LINK options can be adjusted in their settings according customers needs, i.e. customized software parameterization ex works. This could be following...
connection plug SICO PLUG INSTALL with USB-connector SICO-USB-110
SICO-USB-110 connection set SICO-USB-110 connection set to connect e.g. a notebook with an actuator. Manufacturer: SIMON PROtec Systems GmbH Type: SICO-USB-110 adapter cable Article number: SDI 8513
Verbindungsset SIMON-LINK-USB-300
SIMON-LINK-USB-300 Connection set USB Connection set for reading and parameterising SIMON LINK compatible drives (EA-xx) or controls with SIMON LINK software. Requires two SICO TOKEN s to activate use for one year. Additional SICO TOKENs...
SICO LINK on Microsoft Windows at Klapparm² PA-KL² SICO Token
SICO tokens are required to use the two parameterization software SICO LINK and SIMON LINK. With the token-based usage model, you have full cost control, because you only incur costs if you actually need the software. Since this happens...