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Replacement battery pack NC-2412 Akku pack NC-2412
Replacement NiCd battery, 24 V, 1.2 Ah, loose, for ESM-T/X
Replacement battery pack NC-2406-LÖ Akku pack NC-2406-LÖ
Replacement NiCd battery, type NC 2406-LÖ, 24 V, 0.6 Ah, loose, with solder straps for self-installation
replacement battery pack NC-2406 in CI-D housing Akku pack NC-2406
NiCd battery, type NC 2406.24 V DC, 0.6 Ah, loose, for ESM-T / X, portrait format (CI-D housing).
Replacement battery pack NC-2406-TK Akku pack NC-2406-TK
NiCd battery, type NC 2406 TK, 24 V DC, 0.6 Ah, loose, for ES 3/1, ES 6/1 in TK housing
24V DC, completely assembled on mounting plate Akku pack SHEV-3(6)-Akkupack-2,3Ah
SHEV-3 (6) spare battery pack 2,3 Ah
24V DC, incl. cable set Akku pack SHEV-3-AP-Akkupack-2,3Ah
SHEV-3-AP spare battery pack 2.3 Ah