chain actuator EA230-K-30/800-S

Photo of the chain actuator EA-K-30 extended
    Part numberM2 5146
    Input voltage230 V AC
    Nominal current0.23
    Running speed9.7
    IP codeIP32
    Switch on duration30
Chain actuator EA230-K-30/800-S 230 V AC / 0.23 A / 300 N / 800 mm stroke / synchronous... more
Product information "chain actuator EA230-K-30/800-S"

Chain actuator EA230-K-30/800-S
230 V AC / 0.23 A / 300 N / 800 mm stroke / synchronous actuator

Chain actuator for SHEV and controlled natural ventilation applications.
Flexible installation at main closing edges.
Suitable for frame and sash mounting on inward and outward opening sashes/flaps in the facade.

Technical data:
Rated voltage: 230 V AC (- 10% / + 10%)
Rated current: 0.23 A
Switch-on duration: ED 30% (ON: 3 min / OFF: 7 min)
Push force: 300 N
Pulling force: 300 N
Nominal locking force: ≤ 2000 N
Stroke length: 800 mm
Running speed: 9.7 mm/s
Protection class: IP32
Temperature range: 0°C - 75°C
Housing: Anodized EV1 aluminum profile housing
Connection cable: Plastic connection cable 5 x 0.5 mm² (length 2,500 mm)
Cut-off: Integrated electronic load cut-off
Dimensions (LxWxH): 727 x 35 x 37 mm
Weight: 1.80 kg

Brackets not included

- Coating according to RAL or DB
- Single operation actuator

SIMON PROtec Systems GmbH
Type: Chain actuator EA230-K-30/800-S
Article number: M2 5146

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Matchcode EA230-K-30/800-S Article name Kettenantrieb EA230-K-30/800-S Part number... more
Article nameKettenantrieb EA230-K-30/800-S
Part numberM2 5146
Input voltage230 V AC
Nominal current0.23
Input voltage range- 10 % / + 10 %
Push force300
Pull force300
Nominal locking force2000
Cut-OffIntegrierte elektronische Lastabschaltung
Running speed9.7
IP codeIP32
Switch on duration30
Mounting wayattached
HousingAluminium Profilgehäuse E6/EV1 eloxiert
Housing typeAluminium
ColourAuf Anfrage
Housing length727
Housing width35
Housing height37
Appliance classIII
Connection cableKunststoffleitung 5 x 0,5 mm², weiß, Länge 2,5 m
Nominal working temperature20
Environment temperature range0 °C - 75 °C
Brackets includedno
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Product Information

Brochure Window Automation Brochure Window Automation
Catalogue (web) Smoke & Daily Vent Catalogue (web) Smoke & Daily Vent

User Manuals

Operating manual_EA(230)-K-30 Operating manual for chain actuator EA-K-30/xxx-T and EA-K-30/xxx-T-DA / EA230-K-30/xxx and EA230-K-30/xxx-S

Technical Details

K-30 - Secondary closing edge mounting Drawbridge - additional bracket for chain actuator K-30 for mounting on the secondary closing edge


Certificate UKCA_EA-K-30_EA230-K-30 Declaration of conformity for chain actuator EA-K-30, EA230-K-30
Certificate_EA-K-30_DE-EN-FR_2016 Certificate for chain actuators EA-K-30 and EA230-K-30
Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)


Safety instructions and warranty conditions Safety instructions and warranty conditions