Part numberK2 1656
Bracket set K-KL²-M(S)-RAICO100-120RI-RE The bracket set... more
Product information "K-KL²-M(S)-RAICO100-120RI-RE"

Bracket set K-KL²-M(S)-RAICO100-120RI-RE

The bracket set K-KL²-M(S)-RAICO100-120RI-RE is an accessory for Folding Arm² actuators.
Application: Bracket set for Folding Arm² actuator, type PA-KL²-L, mounting on Raico window profile 100/120RI, outward opening, mounted on the right secondary closing edge, with support bracket incl. fixing material.

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Matchcode K-KL²-M(S)-RAICO100-120RI-RE Article name K-KL²-M(S)-RAICO100-120RI-RE... more
Article nameK-KL²-M(S)-RAICO100-120RI-RE
Part numberK2 1656
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Product Information

Short brochure PA- Folding Arm² Short brochure for the Folding Arm² PA-KL², PA-KL²-T door opener and PA-KL²-DF rotary wing actuator, incl. SICO