Bracket K-KL²-L-AWS57RO-RE

Photo of the EA-KL2 folding arm accessories for mounting on Schüco profiles for SHE windows
    Part numberK2 1654
Bracket K-KL²-L-AWS57RO-RE The bracket K-KL²-L-AWS57RO-RE is an accessory for... more
Product information "Bracket K-KL²-L-AWS57RO-RE"

Bracket K-KL²-L-AWS57RO-RE

The bracket K-KL²-L-AWS57RO-RE is an accessory for Folding Arm² actuators PA-KL²-L / PA-KL²-M.
Application: Bracket set for SCHÜCO AWS-57-ro profile series for mounting on main and right secondary closing edge. With support bracket for longer folding arm variants -M and -L.

SIMON PROtec Systems GmbH
Type: Bracket K-KL²-L-AWS57RO-RE
Article number: K2 1654

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Article nameKonsole K-KL²-L-AWS57RO-RE
Part numberK2 1654
Mounting wayattached
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Product Information

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Catalogue (web) Smoke & Daily Vent Catalogue (web) Smoke & Daily Vent
Short brochure PA- Folding Arm² Short brochure for the Folding Arm² PA-KL², PA-KL²-T door opener and PA-KL²-DF rotary wing actuator, incl. SICO

Technical Details

Technical details EA-KL2-L_LI-RE Technical details for installation of folding arm actuator EA-KL2-L-LI-RE on SCHÜCO profiles right and left (roof exit)
Technical Details_K-KL2-M(S)-AW57RO-K2_1613_DE_11 Mounting example for folding arm K-KL2-M(S)-AW57RO-K2_1613


Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)